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Smart Cleaning Process Management and Auto-Identification System

Hardship for Traditional Cleaning Service

Cleaning (laundry ) service is a basic and essential industry which is needed for both high-tech clients and traditional service industry such as hospitals and hotels. However, because it is characterized by low capital intensity, high labor intensity, and low barriers to entry, clients usually disregard and pay less attention on cleaning industry, which causes it lack of economies of scale, difficulty in retaining talent, and a fragmented industry structure.


Lack of economies of scale
Difficulty in retaining talent
Fragmented industry structure

Smart Laundry Management Practice with AUTO-identification System


With the rapid advancement of modern technology and information system, the adoption of digital technologies into labor-intensive service industries can transform traditional industries and create new peaks for businesses.

FEATURES of Smart Cleaing Management

Smart cleaning management practice is combined with on-premises system and cloud system. RFID technology is adopted on clothes identification and data collecting for cloud system,on-time summarize and utilize through the whole factory processes for statistical analysis. 
On-premises System
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 收貨/進廠
Repair/Tidy up
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 修補/整理
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 修補/整理
Laundry/Dry/Spot check
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 洗滌
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 烘乾
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 抽檢
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 鞋子配對櫃
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 裝箱指示站
Cloud System
Clothes Data
Receiving Time
Receiving Staff
Quantity Check
Clothes Data
Operating Staff
W-order Data
Extra Dirt Treat
Repair Record
Cleaning Process Mgt.
Cleaning Time/Model
Dry  Time/Model
ESD Test
W-order Data
Operating Staff
Clothes Serial #
Particle Test
Packaging Staff
Package List
Shipping Time
Smart Cleaning Management System
Work Station Data Handling
Reduce Process Errors
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統
Intelligent Clothes Data Tracking
Cleaning Process Data Gathering

On-premises Work Station Allocation

Check Station
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 點收工作站
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 點收工作站
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 點收工作站
Collecting clothes quickly and correctly
Repair Station
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 修補工作站
Rapidly collect and summarize items and quantity of clothes repairing
Clothes/Caps Sorting Cabinet
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 衣帽配對系統
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 衣帽配對櫃
Effectively sorting clothes with caps
Shoes Sorting Cabinet
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 鞋子配對櫃
Sorting one pair of shoes instinctively
Packaging Instruction Station
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 裝箱指示站
Rapidly and precisely packing before delivery
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 展示人員

Cloud-based Systems Backend

Integrated On-premises Equipment
Communicate with on-premises equipment, issue PDI and receive PDO.
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 前開式洗衣機
Laundry Data Management
Includes customer contribution、work station and staff performance analysis、process tracking.
螢幕擷取畫面 2024-05-09 082134.jpg
Basic Data Management
Includes RFID TAG/Client Data/Laundry recipe…etc.
RFID TAG basic data
Customer Collaborative Management
Clients could look up bill history and laundry record.
Bill History Inquiry
Work Process Management
Includes quantity check, inspection data collection and integrated with other systems.
Receipt/Delivery  Inquiry
Inspection Station Management
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 展示人員

Benefits of Smart Cleaning Management System

Improve station efficiency 40%~50%
Real-time Efficiency Statistics
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 即時統計
Cleaning process/history on-line tracking
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 線上追蹤洗滌進程
Improves customer satisfaction
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 提升滿意度
Integrate comprehensive data
Integrate well-rounded data of collecting, laundry, QC and shipping
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 整合所有資訊
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 提升效益
Help companies achieve digital transformation and upgrade
中冠資訊 RFID 智慧洗滌系統 邁向數位轉型

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